Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Brooch Bouquet

Remember how I told you that The Barn is part of the Castle Rock Wedding District as of late?  I have decided to jump on the band wagon and carry a few wedding items in my shop.   

Well, I have had a CRAP TON of vintage brooches and earrings sitting in my basement.  Or should I say HAD.  I have seen these online and actually in one of my cousin's weddings.  They are gorgeous, unique, and seriously heavy!  I took a few/many many hours and put together this little brooch bouquet:

  If only Pinterest had been around when I got married... never mind I'm glad it wasn't.  I would have tried to do WAY too much!

I love the unique beauty of it but there is one flaw... it is HEAVY.  SO, if you are planning on throwing a bouquet during your reception this would not be the right choice for you.   Unless you are aiming for that one girl you really didn't want to be there!  

It was surprisingly simple to put together, just very time consuming.  My biggest recommendation is that you should use 2 floral wires per brooch.  Otherwise they get all limp and saggy. And trust me, nobody likes a limp, saggy bouquet!  I used tons of floral wire and floral tape and then wrapped the stem in ribbon and lace.  No joke, there are over 50 brooches/earrings in this thing.  The best part, you get to keep it forever.


  1. Craft Wars obviously didn't know who in the hell they were dealing with. Had you made this prior, you could have knocked the judges over the head with it.

  2. Gorgeous!! And it could be a way to showcase a family piece -- something old. (I'm thinking of a cameo I got from my grandmother.)