Tuesday, October 30, 2012

No One Puts Baby in a Corner...

Unless baby was MADE to live in a corner.  

There is just something about a good corner desk.  I don't think it's just me either.  These babies sell.  My mom found this Ethan Allen corner desk a while back and I was SO excited.  Although the stain was in rough shape, the desk itself was solid and the drawer works perfectly.  That's just crazy awesome.   

Unfortunately the top and legs had tons of scratches and dents.  But that has never stopped me in the past.  I figured I would sand them out and give her a nice face lift.  

A while back I did this corner desk in pink and white stripes.  I loved it so much and got a lot of really great feedback at the shop.  It sold almost immediately, so I guess someone else loved it as much as I did.  Well, I didn't have any pink paint laying around the house but I did have this fabulous blue.  The stripes came out perfectly and I loved the subtle blue.

It only lasted in the store for a week and my cousin called me to claim it for her own.  Apparently she has the same affinity for corner desks:) Let me tell you, it looks adorable in her guest room!

Mercantile Muse


  1. LOVE that corner desk!! Your cousin is a lucky lady.

  2. that is GORGEOUS. i want it. if i had a corner. but i guess i'd have to rename it to put it there. lucky cousin is right.

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  4. Never seen a corner desk in this corner of the world before. love what you did with it. it looks amazing. your cousin is a lady with great taste.