Tuesday, October 16, 2012


I am ramping up for the holidays over at The Dented Lampshade.  I have been cranking out wreaths like crazy and getting ready to make some fun ornaments!  Being in the retail business is fun.  You get to start Christmas in October... Awesome.

Merry Christmas in October:)

Mercantile Muse


  1. Pretty wreaths, these - and I have no trouble with folks beginning to get ready in October. It's when Christmas starts in July that it ceases to have much meaning for me!

    Good luck with these - and your future creations. Just called in via the Mercantile Muse blog party, and will be following you in future. Hope you'll return the favour, and maybe even comment too! All contributions are gratefully received - and it looks as though I may be your 200th Follower!

    All the best. Isobel

  2. Found you through French C. C. Very cute and simple wreaths. These will sell great at Christmas. You are very talented!