Thursday, November 1, 2012

Pumpkin Patch:)

Are you ready for cuteness overload??  I mean really, you should probably sit down for this.  This much cuteness should be illegal!

This is Luci's bestie Taylor.  

My best friend Heather and I were pregnant at the same time and had our daughters 3 weeks apart.  It's like they were born to be besties.  We took the girls to the pumpkin patch and they had SO much fun!  There was a corn maze...

A giant spider web to climb on...

Of course there was the pumpkin patch..

and the highlight of the day was this giant bubble bouncing thing.  I have no idea what you call it but Luci wanted to stay on it ALL day.  It was the best work out I've had in years!

I forced Kyle to take a family picture... He's not always too excited to get in front of the camera.

And for the final picture... the peak of all cuteness...

Are you dyeing from cuteness yet?? If I had a picture of a puppy and a kitten kissing I would throw it in at this point and finish you off.