Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Cheyenne Mountain


April 30th was my dad's, or as Luci would say "Papa's", birthday.  It was a perfect opportunity to get us all to the Cheyenne Mountain zoo.  This is the coolest zoo EVER.  The first thing you get to do when you get in the front gates is feed the giraffes!!  This was my original sentiment when I saw their creepy tongues:

But after getting settled in a bit, I ended up having a lot of fun feeding them!  Luci was nervous at first too, but they ended up being her favorite.


So freakin cool.  It is a smaller zoo but it was so interactive.  Luci loved every minute of it... except for the bears.  She hated the bears.  Guess that is a healthy fear to have!

Hope you all have a happy weekend:)

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  1. What a FUN outing -- and beautiful blue skies! I'm sure Papa had great fun, too.