Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat, Smell My Feet...

Luci's first Halloween went off without a hitch!  (technically this was her second but when you are only 2 weeks old you don't really stay awake long enough to participate.)

I dressed her as an elephant.  Why you ask?  No idea, just liked it!  She kinda looked like a boy, but she was the cutest darn elephant I have ever seen.  Enjoy the eye candy to come... I know I sure do:)

I tried to get some good pictures of the trick or treaters before we headed out...(check out AJ to the far left... not sure what he is doing but it cracks me up!)

and tried...

and tried...

This is the best I got and it is blurry... apparently these children had other things on their mind then good photography haha.

Here is a good one of all the boys, aka Luci's cousins.  She is the only girl, and spoiled rotten:)

She insisted on walking the ENTIRE time.

Are you on cuteness overload yet???  Don't you just want to SQUEEZE her?!