Monday, November 21, 2011

Dear Pinterest, You Make Me Happy

Dear Pinterest,

You make me happy.

To any of you out there who don't know about Pinterest... I am sorry.  You should probably drop whatever it is you are doing and check it out right now. 

Warning:  This is an addiction that will consume the next hour/day/week of your life.  (Remember when you started Facebook and you lost entire days to stalking your friends?  Well, it is like that, only way better). 

With that said, here is the inspiration for my latest creation:

I love them!  I wanted something a little more neutral and shabby so here is my version:

What do ya think? 

Now get out there and pin to your heart's content!

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  1. ...wah... still waiting for an invite! lol

  2. Ok, am I following you on Pinterest? If not, what is your username??

  3. Ok, silly question. Are these headbands?

  4. Those are pretty, and yes, Pinterest is addictive!

  5. Love your fabric flowers.
    My name is LeAnn and I'm a Pinterest addict.

  6. I am loving your calico roses on the wrapped bangles. You make a lovely fabric flower!
    Only last week, I wrapped a bangle in purple silk organza so I can feel your passion but I can't make the flowers like you do... LOL :) Lella xx