Thursday, January 10, 2013


I hit another EPIC estate sale yesterday.  It was one of my favorites ever.  Unfortunately I showed up 5 minutes after the doors opened and the hoarders... I mean other customers, had already swiped up a ton of the items I wanted.  I did manage to fend off some of the crowd and swipe up some goods of my own.  I kid you not, it was like a feeding frenzy in there.  People are cut throat!

Check out the goods:

Check out this awesome birdcage stand.  I think I will use it for hanging plants. 

Some gorgeous linens.

Vintage silverware

I love this quilt.  It seriously has no flaws! I'm pretty sure it was shoved in a closet somewhere for many many years.

Ok, I know he is ugly, but I love him.  His stick legs and antlers, his painted on eyes, and rope halter make me love him in all of his ugly reindeer glory.

These adorable vintage rocking horses, sigh.

I know this rooster isn't for everyone, but him and the reindeer should probably be together forever.

I love this rusty old red and white scale.  It is so farmhousey and sweet.

This awesome vintage dress form.  I have been on a hunt for one for months.  I almost ran to her and hugged her when I saw her sitting there across the room.  We were meant to be.

Check out this gorgeous primitive dough bowl.  mmmmmm... perdy.  

And now, my crowning glory.  A CRAP TON of awesome antique spools.  I love how they look in my awesome primitive bowl.  It's a match made in estate sale heaven.  


  1. Good stuff! (That reindeer made me giggle. I'd seriously pick that over the concrete deer people put in their yards around here, though.)

  2. whatEVER.
    {please ignore the hint of smarmy jealousy. i should have had a second cuppa tea. in all honesty, i am ready to book a flight to CO for the next round of your Hoarder Fend Off Program}

  3. I want those spools! That is all. :)

  4. Wow, so many awesome finds! The dress form especially is a fantastic score :)

  5. WOW!! You did score! Love, love, love the quilt.