Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Ok, my lockers are still my all time favorite garage sale score, but this chair is right up there.  It just makes me so happy.  Like, slap me on the butt and call me Nancy sort of happy.  Yep that happy.  

The seat is totally falling apart but that is part of it's charm.

Yep, I love it.  (I know what you're thinking... "then why don't you marry it?"  Maybe I will.)

Mercantile Muse


  1. what if i slapped you on the butt and called you eleanor? would you be as happy?

    love it....great bones on that chair.

  2. I love thrifting too! Love how you used this chair. Visiting from TT&J!
    :) Samantha

  3. I thnk your use of the chair as a plant stand is great! I worked with a chair of this same style this week, too! I cut away the broken seat and then used belts to weave a new seat! I'm still really new to blogging. I'd love it you have a minute to stop by and let me know what you think!