Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Free Labor

This post is going to have to come in a series.  You see, over Thanksgiving week I went to visit my sister in Wichita Falls, TX.   She just recently moved there and after a grueling house hunt, they decided to build a custom home.  It was such a cool experience.  I mean, obviously I am living vicariously through her but it was still a cool experience for me.  My sister had me fly out there back in May to help her pick out... EVERYTHING.  We took 2 days and picked out paint colors, flooring, trim, lighting, appliances, etc.  You know, all those amazing little details that makes your house unique to you.  I will show you all of the cool details about the house in a later post, don't worry.

They finally got to move in on November 1st.  3 weeks later we all (my parents, Luci, Kyle and I) flew out there, rolled up our sleeves, and got down to business.  We started with landscaping. We planted around 17 trees and bushes and a million little ground coverings.  Next we tackled the furniture.  There was a king sized 4 poster bed, a dresser, entry way table, shelves, mirrors, and 6 dining room chairs.  Yes people, we tackled all of this in just 7 days.  Technically we did it all in 5 days since 2 of the days were for travel.  I will get to showing you all of these projects over the next month... there are just WAY too many to show in one post.

(Just a little sneak peak at the chaos that took over her garage.  I am exhausted just looking at it.)

So, let's start small.  This baby may be small but it sure does add A LOT of charm.  My dad and Kyle built this custom shelf for Shena's dining room.  She is a bit of a minimalist so this shelf was perfect for the space!

I LOVE the wine glass rack underneath.

Don't even get me started on that chandelier.  Shena was really nervous about it... I practically forced her to get it, but I think she is happy I did:)

There will be more to come soon, I promise!