Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Free Labor Part 5

Like I said, this is a long story.  We busted our butts and in 5 days we were able to accomplish a lot.  

This project is close to my heart in 2 ways.  First, because it is for my little niece Stella.  She is the sweetest thing you have ever seen.  She is so cuddly and a little bit naughty.  I love that about her:) Second, because this piece was originally my grandparents.  When they died my grandpa left his bedroom furniture to me.  Unfortunately he lived down south and I wasn't able to go pick it up... thus, my sister inherited it.  I am actually really glad she has it, and that Stella gets to have a piece of it.  I think my grandparents would really like that.

This huge dresser was in rough shape though.  There were some broken parts that my dad and Kyle fixed for us, there were chunks out of the top that we had to wood fill, and the finish was not in great condition.  So, of course, we painted it:)

Stella's room is purple and green, so we stuck with that theme and painted the body white and the drawer fronts purple.  

Shena wasn't fond of the brass knobs so we sprayed them silver.

I absolutely love this piece.  I hope it stays in the family for a long long time:)