Thursday, December 6, 2012

Free Labor Part 2

If you stopped by on Tuesday you know that my Thanksgiving week was... well... less then relaxing.  It was however EXTREMELY productive.  If you want to read the beginning to this story hop on over here.  

Not only did my dad and Kyle build a SWEET custom wine shelf, they busted out 3 more custom shelves for around Shena's TV.  Let me tell you, my dad is a huge perfectionist.  I am not.  That being said, in this case, I am glad he is a perfectionist.

Did I mention that Shena is a minimalist??  (I am SO not a minimalist:)  It was hard for me to do but decorating to someone else's taste can actually be kind of fun.  Not to mention, my sister is GREAT at decorating so doing this together was really fun.  I did manage to sneak a little picture of Luci onto those shelves:)

Next week, I will show you some of the AWESOME furniture we busted out.