Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Crafts

I thought I would take a little break from my crazy adventures at Shena's house, aka "Free Labor", to show you some of the VERY few Christmas crafts I did this year.  Last year I was all: "Make a cute ruffle tree skirt", and "handmade gifts for EVERYONE".  This year I was all "Making dinner counts as a craft right?" and "I am buying EVERYTHING cause I have no time"

Although I was SUPER lazy on the handmades this year I did manage to bust out a couple of cute crafts:

An old beat up globe painted white and a little Peace on Earth.  I also ended up adding some fabric flowers around it to add some flair but it sold so quickly I didn't get to take a finished product photo.

In the background you can see the beginning of the next craft I did:

JOY TO THE WORLD... Sung in my very best opera voice.  

My friend Amanda sends me some awesome inspiration photos for my shop sometimes.  This was a product of one of the photos she sent me.  And yes Tori Spelling... I did hot glue that rope on there!

Hope you all have a happy holiday weekend!!