Thursday, September 20, 2012

JUMP out of the Water!

Last week we decided it was time for us to go visit daddy in San Diego.  I mean, why should he be the only one that gets to see the beach every week?  I ventured the dreaded airplane ride with a 2 year old... which went better then I expected and spent 4 days on a mini vacation with my family.  

On a side note, have you ever noticed how when you get on a plane with a two year old every one avoids you like the plague?!  You would think we had 3 heads and horrible B.O.!  The poor guy who got on the plane last was stuck with the one seat left.  Yep, the one right next to me:)  Sorry guy. 

Anyway, we spent a couple of days on the beach which is always so fun.  Luci chased the waves and the birds for hours.  I just love a kid in sunglasses, don't you!?

Just a girl enjoying the view, drinkin her sippy cup.

Then, we took a day and went to SeaWorld.  There were tons of animals to interact with and shows to see:

But we spent the majority of our time with the dolphins.  Luci thought they were AMAZING.  She still talks about how they splashed her with their tails and JUMPED out of the water!  

And, she got to touch one!  I practically had to rip her away from them.  

We finally convinced her to leave by buying her a toy dolphin, but as you can see from this picture she was not pleased with leaving them.  I think she would have spent the night there if we let her.


  1. "Just a girl enjoying the view, drinkin her sippy cup."

    my kind of gal. even if my sippy cup has a margarita in it.

    love the pic of you both patting the dolphin. Cool!

    1. LOL, seriously, when she is 21 and I am... God knows how old... I plan on doing this again, only with margaritas!

  2. What fun photos! So glad you got some family reconnect time and R&R.